Dunkirk ★★★★½

The Germans are pushing the allied powers out to sea. It's either stay on the beach and die or take the risky route of the water.

With the opening scene already a heartbreaking one, your mind is set and prepared for death, trust, and very intense scenes. On the subject of scenes, almost every one was so action-packed, loud, and worrying that it basically felt like it dragged you into the film itself. Every actor (yes, Harry Styles too) was phenomenal in every way possible. The determination and pride from them could be felt every second.

Nolan brought us a film that if paid the amount of respect it deserves, will be remembered as one of his best pieces of work. Not the absolute best, but definitely high up there. 

*Applauds Hans Zimmer* Nice job, dude.

We'll see you at the Oscars, Dunkirk.

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