Do Revenge

Do Revenge β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

Camila Mendes saying, to no one in particular, β€œI am SHOCKED!! This is SHOCKING news!!” & then taking a sip of her lil drinkie πŸ₯°

The bad:
- I continue to be so so so so so exhausted by the self-consciousness of netflix movies

- the gimmick of (mostly) only songs from 1997 was annoying but not because they did it, it was annoying because they picked songs I don’t even like also like two of them were from 1998

- Maya Hawke a liiiiittle too hetero in real life to be playing this many queer roles, give someone else a chanceΒ 

- I really hate that sinking feeling I get that this era is just never gonna come to terms with how superficial it is like the actors playing uncool characters should not be SO HOT & yeah sure even last era’s Mean Girls cast the too hot for real life Lizzy Caplan to play Janice so it’s always been a problem but I feel like it’s worse now, like seriously WHERE ARE THE UGLY OR JUST OK LOOKING PEOPLE PLEASE

The good:Β 

- omg literally EVERYTHING else !!!!!


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