Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★½

Horrified to think my dad likes this movie so much he can quote a two minute segment in totality, but I get it having been raised in the dudes rock discourse. Unfortunately I have to admit I see a lot of myself in Billy Brown for his overt anger and resentment of everyone that doesn’t act complicit to his unexplainable demands. His fear of intimacy stemming from his family’s apathy and failure struck a nerve and that’s why I find his hatred so amusing and relatable because when I see him freak out on Ricci for kissing him in the booth it’s a big “uh oh” moment for me because I feel like I would react the same way. Maybe this is a little too much sincerity posting about fucking Buffalo ‘66 aka the best rom com of the 90s, but I think this is my new laundry movie the same way moms like to watch Judd Apatow movies when they’re folding laundry on Sundays.

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