Emma. ★★★★★

yellow and horny

even more convinced of Emma’s parallel not being Jane, but Miss Bates. Jane exists entirely internally and Emma has no internal knowledge until confronted with external circumstances. 

Miss Bates is indulged because she is poor and ugly and Emma is indulged because she is wealthy and beautiful. But when Emma is able to see good and friendship in Miss Bates, she cracks her own wall to herself. 

Other failed parallels are like Mr. Knightley (the younger) and Mr. Woodhouse. Isabella is also rude and particular, but lacks the warmth Knightley (the elder) and Mr. Woodhouse share. 

Also! how clear it is in those family scenes that Emma is a caretaker. One without boundaries and a patronizing one who doesn’t exactly see herself in that role, but how in the book, she is so clearly the woman of the house, even when Isabella is still at home. She has the capacity to fuss over her father, and the slippage between her needs and his and her constant tending sets her up for meddling as much as her self-centeredness.

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