Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★½

omg... i finally watched a marvel movie... 🥸

i honestly was going to watch them in the timeline order but this just so happened to play on my tv, and i figured, why not! honestly, this subverted my expectations to the max.

THIS WAS SO COOL!! because my besties are total marvel freaks, i had some context to the whole universe, so when i went to watch it, i wasn’t as confused i thought i would be. there’s a lot to like here, and i admire that. the characters are so well crafted, quentin beck is not a bad villain, and the whole story is just so damn interesting. 🥲🤌

there wasn’t much that i didn’t like. even if there were flaws, i think only super marvel fans would notice, or the film just covered them up really well! 🕺🏻

so yeah! this convinced me to continue watching marvel, and hopefully i like it as much as y’all do! 😀🤚

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