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  • Soul



    Honestly the depiction of the after/before life in this really creeped me out! And ultimately made it hard for me to fully enjoy the rest of the movie.

    Everything in New York is absolutely beautiful, the animation is so perfect and specific and alive. More than anything, it made me want a Pixar film solely set in the city (solely...soulely...get it?). The parts that took place in the real world just had so much more heart and emotional weight to…

  • Never Goin' Back

    Never Goin' Back


    Honestly blown away with how much I enjoyed this! It's about dirtbag teenage friends who sometimes makeout with each other, and it has a bi color scheme poster so I was destined to at least like it a little, but it completely exceeded my expectations on all fronts.

    It perfectly balances the funny and absurd with real heart and perseverance. The film relies heavily on the chemistry and charisma of its two leads, which they both deliver with pitch perfect…

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  • Happiest Season

    Happiest Season


    If you meant for Harper to be a sympathetic character, *why* does the first act exactly mirror the set up of Get Out?????

    You absolutely cannot convince me that Tipper and Ted are not simply reincarnations of Missy and Dean Armitage. Their houses look exactly the same, for starters.

    Honestly, would be down for a Get Out/horror version of this movie, because the situation Abby is in is literally a nightmare scenario. The whole script is weighed down by the…

  • Party Girl

    Party Girl


    *such* wasted potential with this one!

    There's a lot of fun scenes and the premise is great -- and, most importantly, Parker Posey is hypnotically good.

    Unfortunately the script has no idea what it wants to be doing and all these elements never fully build up into anything. Honestly it seems like it has too much to say, which may be surprising given the kind of movie this is. But it has a lot of stray thoughts on feminism, soul…