Triangle of Sadness

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This review may contain spoilers.

"Everyone's equal."

Sharp, moving, and hilarious. Ruben Östlund is taking a risk here, and it pays off. In a post Parasite industry, many filmmakers have attempted the social-class satire genre, but Triangle of Sadness succeeds in capturing those themes and ideas through characters and dialogue as well as style and tone through cinematography and set design.

The luxury yacht full of wealthy guests, captained by a benevolent - yet absent - socialist, and run by servers and laborers sets the stage for the allegory. The literal shit that floods the ship is emblematic of our deteriorating and dysfunctional systems; it doesn't discriminate between rich and poor, yet the poor have to clean it up. The pirate attack is our inevitable demise (whether economic or climate related collapse), and the island is a post-capitalist society where new hierarchies form.

Each character's attempt at survival at the expense of others demonstrates humanity's fatal flaw, from something as trivial as Yaya using her femininity to avoid fitting the bill, to something much more consequential as Abigail solidifying her position on the island, and everything in between. The ending is an interesting choice, allowing just enough to come to a conclusion without giving anything away, but it's the humor that is no doubt the highlight and what sets it apart.

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