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  • Sound of Violence

    Sound of Violence


    gotdamn this was bad!

    a stellar example of why it’s a good thing to be picky and critical about horror. firstly, i know i’m not a big fan of slasher/body horror/ torture porn aspects in the genre. but i do not mind film (fictional) violence at all. in fact, i like it, especially if it has the crucial thing violence tends to have in real lifeβ€” a point. whether we like it or not, violenceβ€” no matter how stupid or…

  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho


    not his best work, i think edgar wright is excellent at many things, but maybe, not exactly, horror. in this instance, he is better at the drama of it all. his cinematography definitely does lend itself well to gialloΒ style, but the way the story is told is too messy to be scary. it’s a good story, but horror is all about the way you tell it.

    still, this was a fun rollercoaster watch and if people are complaining about it then maybe they should stop being afraid of rollercoasters and grow up!!!Β also, edgar wright don’t be shy… make a musical. don’t be shy

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