Tenet ★★★

what’s special about inception is that it’s not really about dreams or a heist or whatever… it has a central theme. 

in inception, a man must learn to let go of a deceased loved one, and his own guilt. that is it. 
in memento, a man refuses to let go of his past grief, and his guilt. that’s it!
the prestige is about obsession and its hollow results. 
then it starts to get a lil weird….
interstellar is about how love is da force (??) and the point of dunkirk is just dunkirk, i suppose.

what i’m saying is that i don’t know what this movie is about. it’s got plot, but no story. a brain but no heart. i really hope dir. nolan starts adding a theme to his work again. despite the magnitude, the scale, the beautiful detail and cinematography, these big ideas and premises and action, tenet gets away from you. for a long movie, it doesn’t last. 

i think i would have liked to see the friendship that was mentioned as happening all over the past, present, and future between the two half-nameless characters. i think that centering the film around that relationship and its story, would have been more interesting and anchored the characters and plot points to something a bit more human and less technical. i think that was supposed to be what was happening around the wife and the villain characters. but as she is not the literal protagonist of the film, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. if she has the emotional arc in the film then why is she not the lead of the film lol?

nolan please don’t disappear up your own butt sir……

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