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This review may contain spoilers.

she's gorgeous, no I can't- SHUT UP
really? what did that mean? what?
yeah I have tissues if you want tissues, i have like three tissues
why did everyone just freak out when her phone rang?
i dont like this
wait, any of us? am I in the friend group? am i one of the targets? am I gonna die a virgin? ok why am i on the suspect list?because i'm randomly chad's roomate? but wait wait what about you guys? yeah or the fame you got from the killings made you thirst for more? i mean let's be honest here some of the theories online about sam are..
chad..WHAT WHEN? I HAD ECON YOU KNOW THIS dude i was in a study hall with a hundred other people you can ask any of them, oh my god who? mindy i'm so sorry I HAD ECON
uhm why am I here exactly? my alibi checks out
isn't there somewhere safe we could just hole up in? great
is this even a good plan? so we just peel off and the killer picks us off one by one?oh shit mindy fuck shit shit mindy fuck that's a lot of blood help somebody help
fuck we gotta get you out of here okay?damn it come one somebody call 911
are you ok? you're gonna be ok you're gonna be ok help
mindy was right it was easy to juke the roomate lottery all i had to do to meet you was room with a conceited condescending alpha literally named chad FUCK IT FELT GOOD TO KILL HIM this was your grandmother's, sam, nancy loomis? really runs in your fucking family doesn't it? speaking of family my name is not ethan landry is it dad? OOH they're still not getting it
because it's not enough to just kill someone these days you have to assassinate their character first so when dad here discovers your horribly mutilated bodies posed with sam wearing her fathers mask he'll say some poor dumb bastard read on the internet that you're the real ghostface and took matters into their own deluded hands no no no you sweet dumb thing he died in woodsboro at the hands of your bitch sister DING DING DING DING DING NOW SHE'S FINALLY STARTING TO GET IT YEAH
recognize this? what are you gonna do about it bitch? OH FUCK i've always wanted to stick something in you tara FUCK YOU GOTCHA

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