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  • So Dark the Night

    So Dark the Night

    An arbitrarily plotted thriller that eventually reaches a disturbing conclusion. A French detective takes a vacation to the provinces where he falls in love with an innkeeper's young daughter who's engaged to be married to a local farmer. When the couple ends up murdered with only a muddy footprint as a clue, it's up to the detective to find out who did it... only to find out it was his "schizophrenic" self (so he ends up letting himself be murdered…

  • My Name Is Julia Ross

    My Name Is Julia Ross

    Sort of a B Gaslight a year after Gaslight, but with the narrative logic pushed to the extreme and reaching even more disturbing conclusions: a woman applies for a secretary job in London and is sequestered away to a Cornwall estate where the wealthy mother and son who hired her attempt to torture her into suicide so that they can have a body for the casket for the wife the son murdered and disposed of in the sea. The Freudian…

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  • Buzzard


    The first known ethnographic film about Something Awful Goons

  • Knock Knock

    Knock Knock

    the funniest part of this movie is the idea that a former professional dj owns numark turntables and uses his cdj2000s to listen to kiss