Boiling Point

Boiling Point ★★★★

Fly on the wall brilliance which gives insight into the overbearing nature of restaurant work that Gordon Ramsey could only dream of. Anxiety levels like oil in an ever-heating pan, slowly simmering until they burst and splatter, with all in the vicinity at the wake of their scalding heat. Despite an element of predictably involving an allergy alluded to early-on and a slight over-peppering of melodrama, Boiling Point is an impeccably crafted, agile-one shot, the chaos precisely choreographed and the hourglass anxieties palpable from each worker. Stephen Graham is predictably stupendous as a highly pressurised, unravelling head-chef, flanked by an array of carefully selected British actors, all in tune to the frenzied beat of their shift. Hugely impressive working-class crusade to raise heart palpations and lessen fingernails. Compliments to the chef!

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