Naked ★★★★

Very miserable two hours of David Thewlis as the pseudo-intellectual Johnny, moving from bitter anti-Thatcherism to outright anarchy. A manic-depressive dependant on dialogue to vent his internal conflict and external disgust at the world around him, running rampant in London, shouting slurs, rambling existentiallly and projecting his egotistical rigmarole onto all those whom he encounters to distract you from the despicable, resentful self-hating man he is who isn’t half as profound as he wants you to think, whose own existence overwhelms him. Fantastic exercise in nihilism or as Leigh himself labelled it; idealism, and an indictment on the actions of men that’s as black and smutty as coal. Thatcher’s broken Britain stripped down, naked. Hard to endure but harder to forget, and I will happily never watch it again

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