Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★½

A mood piece. A film built on the atmosphere and emotional turboil surrounding Llewyn Davis. No plot. Not of any signifiance either way. When Llewyn is exhausted, yawning after a long car ride, those of us watching feel exhausted too. That's what the whole film is built upon, one week in the day of folk singer Llewyn Davis, whose life sucks.

Oscar Isaac turns in a wonderfully nuanced perfomance as Llewyn Davis, whether he yells obscenities at a performing hillbilly or plays a song of the sea for his sickly father.

I tend to dislike virtually plotless films, where the often self-indulgent, annoying charaters whims around without any direction. Yet, the Coen brothers pulls it off nearly perfect. Maybe it's the intensely touching musical perfomances, maybe it's the clash between the cold colors and the warm personalities. Perhaps it's because I felt involved and emotionally invested in Llewyn by the end.

It's beautiful either way.

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