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  • Censor


    June Horror 2021, day 15, challenge #1 - on last month's host's Stephanie's watchlist

    Welp I have some feelings 🤔

    The worst feeling is being disappointed by something that sounds amazing. Yeah this is gonna be one of those reviews, so strap in I guess. From the description I was pumped for a track-down-the-clues-in-the-film style mystery like The Ring, with our intrepid girl getting her investigate on. I love that shit. And that does happen, for a bit, then it…

  • Critters 2

    Critters 2


    June Horror 2021, day 14, challenge #5 - sequel in a franchise I haven't seen the first

    "Who are we gonna call, critterbusters?"

    Obviously I haven't seen the first one, but I can safely say this is a fun ass sequel!! I love a good goofy 80s creature feature so I can't believe I slept on these so long. I'd always see these and Ghoulies and Gobbies or w/e in the video store and my cynical teen brain went "I've…

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  • We Summon the Darkness

    We Summon the Darkness

    I Summon My Patience

    Damn, I loved the film I thought I was gonna see. Midwest Metalheads vs Bible Thumpers in a Satanic Panic brawl of doom, hells yeah! Don't listen to the summary, that is not the film we got. I'm not even sick of 80s nostalgia yet, if it's done well and not pandering. But House of the Devil, this is not. I might not have even known it was the 80s if they hadn't told us (well…

  • Silent Madness

    Silent Madness

    June Horror 2021, day 13, challenge #6 - banned in Queensland, AU

    I've never felt more like I've seen a movie before that I haven't seen. And not just the standard escaped madman/sorority girls plot but like, actual specific scenes?? When the girl goes down to the basement with her suitcase and gets killed, I swear I've seen that before... Final Exam maybe? And when the doctor poses as a journalist, I swear it was the same cosy 80s newspaper…