Barbarian ★★★★½

October Horror 2022 #23 - 2022 theatrical release

I have good news for you. This is a horror movie! 🎉💀An honest-to-satan scary, gory, creepy as fuck original horror movie. my prayers have been answered!! look I know I've said it a million times, but there has been a glut of "horror" movies this year and so many have either been vague, pale attempts at A24-style (even one of the A24 ones was SO BAD), or squeezing out old franchises like a dishrag.

But look out, here comes Barbarian! When I tell you this is an entire RIDE. Like the synopsis is just the beginning of what you're in for, as it should be. Horror is so much more effective when it's surprising. This WENT places. I loved it all. Might go up to 5 stars on rewatch, I mean the atmosphere alone. good god. This would make a great pairing with another popular horror from the last 10 years, but ofc I can't say which one 🤐 If this is still playing near you, GO! now!

~the house is on Barbary Way. cleverrr

~ I swear to you, the last song I listened to on my phone before going into the theatre was Heat of the Moment by Asia. Excuse me?? I mean obviously it's a coincidence, but, is it? what is going on with the universe?? I actually liked a movie, and then a ladybug crawled on my toe while I was waiting for the bus. What a magical day!


Anya Taylor-Joy - Anya Taylor-Joy is in every movie now, and I couldn't be happier.

Pearl - this looks cinema as fuck. desperately sad I missed it in the theatre. :( Also, since Anya Taylor-Joy and Mia Goth are the queens of horror now, everyone should go back and watch Marrowbone from 2017. That director knew what was up.

Halloween (finally) Ends - why doesn't Haddonfield just skip right to Thanksgiving? TURKEY DIES TONIGHT 🦃

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