Midsommar ★★★★

Wow, the origin story of IKEA is really weird! I'll never sit on my BRÅTHULT the same again. That sounded weird.

Okay! This might go up to a 4.25. Damn I loved this beautiful, ugly movie. Flowers and gore. Ugly crying seems to be an Ari Aster thing. That May Queen dress was like a monster made of flowers, like she was wearing a giant floral muppet, idek. It was extra. I'm sure someone will make it into a prom dress. That's not the weirdest part of this by far but it might be all my brain can process right now! There's so much to look at! It's like both a great cult movie, and a great parody of cult movies?

This was a triiiiip, go see it, see it in the summer!

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