Old ★★★½

July Horror 2021, day 22, challenge #21 (I thought this was Blumhouse but I guess it isn't oops)

stilted dialogue ☑️
panning shots for no reason ☑️
kids that talk like adults (BEFORE they get Old) ☑️
cameo ☑️
random pop culture references ☑️
Cupcake being an unapologetic fangirl and digging it anyway ☑️

Yeah it's a Shyamalan movie, and it's every bit as crazy and entertaining as the trailer looked. The man is a mad genius and I'm here for it. Ppl love to hate on him but he's just out there doin his thing and I respect that. I'm really glad I saw this in the cinema; there's just something about a descent into madness in mostly broad daylight that plays well on the big screen. Between this and Midsommar I'm loving that vibe. Then the shadows creep in... Despite a few odd shot choices, this is a beautiful looking film. There's some insane body horror in a spooky sea cave. I fucking loved it.

Kinda some The Happening energy (in a good way), but with a more cohesive story/conclusion and way better acting. There's no bemused Mark Wahlberg or deer in the headlights Zoey Deschanel, everyone here at least brought it to the odd dialogue. Like, it has the weird feel of his "bad" films but is actually good? The "twist" was a cool wrap-up, maybe a little exposition-heavy in the execution but ehh, I dug it. Worth a trip to the cinema if you're a fan or thought the trailer looked interesting! Added to Summer Horror Vibes.

Trailers: Candyman, Malignant, Don't Breathe 2, Halloween Kills whew! I'm gonna be busy

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