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This review may contain spoilers.

A spoilery addendum to my initial thoughts. This film sat really well with me, I was chewing on it a lot last night, and I think it's at least a 4.25 if not 4.5. Here's why, and what I think the main message of Us is!

The classism message is pretty obvious, but what's he trying to say about classism? I think the whole key to this movie, knowing what we know at the end, is the scene where Adelaide's parents are told to encourage her to draw, write and dance to express herself after her traumatic funhouse experience. Peele shows this scene twice, at different points in the movie, so it's obviously important.


The girl who comes back from the funhouse is not Adelaide, but her tether. This "underprivileged" girl, who'd been living underground on rabbit meat with no language, does learn to express herself through dance, and eventually, essentually, becomes Adelaide. At the end, adult "Adelaide" (the tether who took her place), realizes this and smiles a little. Given the right opportunities, any child, from any background, can become "Adelaide." Meanwhile the real Adelaide regresses, retaining only the basics of what she learned aboveground.

I can't think of a better message for a country that's become so ridiculously, needlessly classist. Art not only changed the life of the little girl in the film, it can change the perspective of the real people who see it. The use of Hands Across America was pretty brilliant - like, remember that time Americans got together and thought about other people for a hot minute? Wouldn't it be wild if that was a thing again and it actually stuck?

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