• What Lies Below

    What Lies Below

    May Horror 2021, Day 3, challenge #25 - fave colour on poster (sometimes it's black, sometimes blue, this has both!)

    Oh sweet glorious Netflix trash! This is so off the rails and I almost loved it, but what the hell was that ending? Have I wandered out of my cheesy Lifetime drama/lake monster movie into a cryptic art film? I'm so lost! Is there a director's cut of this thing that like, fills in what the hell happened? Release the…

  • The Devil Below

    The Devil Below

    May Horror 2021, Day 2, challenge #26 - same rating as #25

    I'm a little obsessed with the abandoned town of Centralia and its coal fire, so there was no way I was skipping a movie with this premise, no matter how bad it was. But it's not a coal fire after all, it's hellbeasts! Cool. I guess I had low expectations cause I thought this would be way worse than it actually was. It's not great, and I'd love…

  • A Dark Place

    A Dark Place


    May Horror 2021, Day 1, challenge #16 (film #2) - water

    I couldn't decide which movie about drowned kids to watch, so why not both? I sure know how to have a fun night. And like Sweet River, this is a hidden gem! What a great performance by Andrew Scott, as the kind of protagonist we rarely see in movies. I can't speak to the accuracy of the representation of a non-neurotypical person, but he felt a lot more real…

  • Sweet River

    Sweet River


    May Horror 2021, Day 1, challenge #16 (film #1) - water

    Damn, this was so good and almost great! A beautifully shot and acted and sometimes quite eerie story of unthinkable tragedy. A town full of dead kids. The Children of the Cane (sorry). I loved the look of this film and the performances by Lisa Kay and Martin Sacks especially. It's well-paced and consistently intriguing.

    I'd give this 4 stars if it didn't feel like there were a few…

  • Pretty Poison

    Pretty Poison


    April Horror 2021 #28 - happy face (she looks so happy to be shooting people, whee!)

    OMG. Watch this immediately.

    This should be a major cult classic, it's legit one of the most unique and entertaining films I've seen in a while. Like I bet Tarantino just loves this thing. Anthony Perkins and Tuesday Weld are amazing and her outfits are so fab!! I love when the main characters are bad people but they're so interesting and fun to watch…

  • Murder Mansion

    Murder Mansion

    April Horror 2021 #18 - spooky scary skeleton on poster

    Look I love a good fog-shrouded cemetery as much as the next girl, but get on with it!!

    I absolutely love this poster. I will buy it and hang it in my house if I ever find it. But man, I wish the film had lived up to it. It's not bad, it's pretty cosy, just not one I'm really gonna remember. Kinda felt more like visiting a haunted attraction…

  • Fright Night

    Fright Night


    April Horror 2021 #9 - rewatch something you gave 5 stars

    "His DINNER is in the OVEN!" Oh bless you Stephen Geoffreys

    This is the first movie I ever bought! On VHS in 1989! I probably hadn't watched it since the 90s and yeah, this a pure, perfect classic for me. So much so that I never want to see the sequel or the remake. I'm full. And Peter Vincent remains my longest-standing crush. <3

    Every performance in this is…

  • Fascination



    April Horror 2021 #24 - vampires

    Quick end of the month catch up time!

    *phonograph scratch* "I bet you're wondering how I, a not so charming rogue, ended up in a chateau full of sexy nightgowned vampires. Well, it all started when..."
    (There is a literal phonograph scratch in this and I lol'd so hard.)

    Anyway, I hadn't seen a Rollin film in a while and this is his most popular, at least according to Letterboxd. This is not my…

  • The Mummy's Hand

    The Mummy's Hand

    April Horror 2021, Day 20, challenge #29 - direct sequel to something else I picked

    Yup it sure is a mummy movie. Or maybe it's Knockoff Comedy Team Meets the Weremummy, since he mummies out during the full moon and I desperately wanted him to kill that comic relief guy. This has... a lot of scenes without the mummy, which seems to be standard for these movies. I guess there's not a whole lot you can do with a mummy,…

  • Body Parts

    Body Parts


    April Horror 2021, Day 19, challenge #14 - hospital

    me: I'm gonna finally update my letterboxd after a week!
    letterboxd: ehehehehehe

    Ok we're back, with Body Parts! A movie that mostly takes itself quite seriously despite the silly premise, "does evil live in the arm?" Maybe the big toe, or the uvula? Really makes ya think. The serial killer's name is literally CHARLIE. Maybe that's where evil lives. So this is that kind of 90s neo-noir where even the most…

  • The Mummy

    The Mummy


    April Horror 2021, Day 18, challenge #25 - featured on cinemassacre monster madness

    I've always been bored and never gotten into this, but this time I decided to push through. And I'm glad I did! Maybe I was in the right mood or maybe I've come around on mummies, but this just hit. Probably the best I've ever seen Boris Karloff, just his face acting alone, and I also dug Zita Johann as Bride of Mummy. She has that old…

  • Riding the Bullet

    Riding the Bullet

    April Horror 2021, Day 17, challenge #10

    Okay, time to get back on track. Where have I been?? So this seemed like a good pick for 420, what with the trippy 60s-ness, but I'm not sure if that helped or hindered my enjoyment. What did I just watch?? I think there's a good story in here about family and forgiveness and life and stuff, even if it does sort of feel like Stephen King potpourri. But what were all the…