Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★

“if you want true love then this is it” 

i’m glad i decided to rewatch the before trilogy at this age. the first time i watched all of these three movies made me realize that i was just not at the right age and mindset to analyze and break down the true message of this movie. though it’s been about a year since i last viewed, i have an entirely different take on this movie which is why i love this trilogy so much. before sunrise, before sunset and before midnight takes you through the first stages of young love, desire, maturity and so on through out the 20 years of jesse’s and celine’s journey. 
in before midnight we see jesse’s and celine’s relationships differentiate now that they both have their own kids and how it no longer feels that intimate with the two of them. frustration and arguments are very well conveyed which is something that can be relatable to every couple. in before sunrise, a puppy love fairytale night is portrayed and everything seems to be perfect and full of lust but once they progress 20 years later, the kind of love is now transformed into maturity that shows the pretty and the ugly within in every relationship. before midnight is the perfect representation that shows you that love is not always perfect but it’s still real.

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