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Favorite films

  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Contact
  • Edge of Tomorrow
  • The Beach

Recent activity

  • A Cry from Within


  • Barricade


  • In the Forest


  • Honeydew


Recent reviews

  • A Cry from Within

    A Cry from Within


    Wish I could rate negative stars

  • Barricade



    This was abysmal. There was no point to any of it. What a waste of the perfect isolated atmosphere for shit to happen. But nothing happens. Except germs.

Popular reviews

  • Wicked



    WHITE suburbia with lots a nasty secrets
    Naggy wife
    Dopey husband
    Bratty kids

    Julies Stiles
    In her prime

    The 90s soundtrack
    The terrible acting
    SO. Much. ANGST. 

    Tropes galore. 

    I thought I was hate-watching but rather enjoyed it
    But a superb ending 

    I also watched this after a fever-induced delirium brought on by 72 hrs of straight diarrhea so….

  • A Wounded Fawn

    A Wounded Fawn


    I really don’t know what to make of this one. It had promising moments and got redundant in the third act. 

    Set-up was similar to Fresh, but this serial killer lacked the charm and smoothness that Sebastian Stan brought. He was rather cold and off-putting. No one gives a shit about your cooking, dude!

    Why would he have that priceless sculpture on display knowing that she is an art history expert and might find him out? Sheer hubris? 

    I’m taking…