Eternals ★★½

i have never felt so truly split down the middle on a movie in a long time
the parts of this that i actually like perfectly balance out the parts that make me feel full apathy and confusion, and frankly this thought occurred to me during the entire runtime: this movie would likely be improved if it had jack all to do with mcu as a whole 
am i against including projects like this in mcu? certainly not, but this is such a clunker to drag into an already bloated cinematic universe
stylistically it does feel like this movie was permitted to be more of a movie than an mcu product which i respect, and some of these actors i love a lot, but most of the ones i like doing performances i like either fucking DIE or get reduced to smaller roles
that ending is also truly one of the weirdest things put in an mcu film, it literally comes right the fuck out of nowhere and completely hijacks the bittersweet and thoughtful ending the film was initially setting up, then CREDITS ROLL, like what was the goal here???
i appreciate this movie WAAAAAAY more in theory and in isolation than i do in execution and as a whole in the mcu, listen, i applaud more artistic projects like this being done, but this didn’t work for me (again, in theory the narrative is basically all that held me in place and not really because i liked the characters, the basic plot with the celestials, deviants, and eternals and the cycle of violence thing is something i have a huge weakness for it’s one of my favorite narratives to take back and analyze, but good god this one really couldn’t hold it altogether)
also the uh, “antagonists”, wow these guys sucked, also kudos movie you got me to somehow not care about richard madden, usually quite a good actor, what the hell happened (yall also killed gilgamesh he was ALL I HAD IN THIS MOVIE DAMN IT)
a lot more to digest than black widow, like there is clearly a lot more substance here (and hell some of these shots are dazzling and painterly, the VFX design work on the eternals and their powers are really cool, MASSIVE kudos to a major studio film having legitimate diversity on and off camera working for this movie) than a lot of mcu films, but ho boy this one is rough

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