The Burial of Kojo ★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

I struggled with this one tbh
- it's almost too pretty, the over focus on aesthetics got almost distracting by the end. I appreciated the portrayal of Ghana's beauty, but there wasn't enough story along with it
- way too much slo mo, just felt like the director was excited to use every camera trick in the book. I love me some stylisation but not every scene
- love the use of Ghanian mythology
- I don't understand why the daughter was the narrator because she felt so far removed from the entire movie other than the beginning and end
- maybe it's just me, but I hate this trend of over use of handheld/shaky cam techniques and everything is closely shot. It's distracting if it's every scene. Like hold the camera still for 2 seconds bitch!
- I don't get how the mom and dad could see the dead uncle as well, that didn't make sense

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