Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas ★★★★

Harry Dean Stanton delivers he most raw, effective performance in Wim Wenders American Odyssey known simply as, “Paris, Texas”. 

Watching this film, I was not prepared to notice just how influential this project was to other slow moving indie darlings. It’s a meandering take about finding your family, the people you care about and yourself. Along the way, the audience learns that sometimes, you really do love her when you let her go. 

Wenders is a master of silence. So much of this movie works because of what we don’t hear but rather how characters see things. It’s a total perspective piece while still allowing for interpretation.

The night time cinematography is kind of a miracle. Everything is lit and shot the way ordinary people see the world, and yet the lighting looks impossibly natural given the specific shading and often deep focus. 

This is a slow moving film, but one that manages to keep the audience engaged with a sentimental story, strong performances and subtext so sweet it’ll win over any viewer. 

Wasn’t expecting to like this one as much as I did, but specific frames and moments will likely stick with me for years to come. Check it out on the criterion channel!