Persona ★★★★½

You don't need another film student to tell you that Persona is a brilliant portrayal of regret, self-identity and the human psyche, but here I am, fully prepared to do just that.

With Persona, Ingmar Bergman made a film that is at once so influential and wholly it's own thing Though many filmmakers have tried to make their version of Persona, I have never seen a movie quite like it.

Altogether it is a swirling, disorientating experience that manages to confuse while at once being deeply affecting and relatable. An intimate examination into the human condition through a fairly standard set-up proves to be ample material for Bergman to play around with some of his deepest, most private thoughts.

I left this movie feeling emotionally empty and like something was missing and that was exactly Bergman's intent. Much like life, the solution to our deepest flaws are ultimately unsatisfying. To continue in life is to accept your fate and move on.

Persona is a must watch for anybody interested in arthouse cinema. With its experimental tinges and extremely touching, personal moments, I was always intellectually engaged to what was on screen.