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This review may contain spoilers.

I've been waiting for this movie for 2 years and I really enjoyed it so hell fucking yeah I'm going to rate it 5 stars. I'll probably lower the rating once I watch it again but for now? Five Stars.

And now, to talk about all of the things I enjoyed (and maybe not enjoyed as much):

1. Starting off with Poe acting like the hotshot flyboy that he is was so satisfying and it fulfilled everything I ever needed and wanted from Oscar Isaac.
2. Rose was just as wonderful as I expected and I'm so happy that she was introduced. Kelly Marie Tran deserves the world and I hope we see more of her.
3. I also really loved the relationship between Rose and Finn and I especially loved how it developed while they were at the Space Casino. That whole Space Casino sequence was visually and thematically beautiful.
4. And yeah, I am ignoring Rose and Finn's last interaction towards the climax of the film, but to be fair, if you had the chance to kiss John Boyega before passing out, wouldn't you take it?
5. I was really excited about Benicio's character, but as my dad pointed out, his character was kind of pointless. The whole goal of recruiting him to stop that tracker ended up being pointless, so that tracker plotline ended up being, as I pointed out, a MacGuffin.
6. Every interaction between Rey and Kylo was very 😬😬😬😬 to me but then Rey was like Fuck you Kyle Ron, I'm out so that relieved almost all of my stress.
7. Also, I think seeing Kyle Ron shirtless turned me into a full-blown lesbian, so thanks for helping me realize that, I guess.
8. However, I will admit that seeing Rey and Kylo fight those Red Guards in Snoke's Room was awesome as hell.
9. And Snoke straight up getting sliced in half??? That shit was wild as hell.
10. Luke Skywalker straight up using the Force to create a hologram of himself???? That was the wildest shit I've ever seen. I love you, Luke. Ur my only ho.
11. Of course, I really miss Carrie Fisher. I love how Leia essentially stuck out a middle finger to dying because I imagine that's exactly what Carrie would've wanted.
12. Finally, that cinematography??? And the set design???? Beautiful! Magnificent! Five stars just for that!!!!

Anyways, I think that's everything I wanted to talk about. As much as I loved this movie, I think I still love Episode 7 slightly more. I guess we'll see how I feel about it when I watch it again, when I'm no longer going through the emotional roller coaster this movie put me through.

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