• TRON: Legacy

    TRON: Legacy


    The first time I watched this movie was in high school during my health class, I guess because my teacher didn't feel like teaching that day. It was nice to properly watch this movie instead of watching it on a tiny tube television nailed to the wall on the other side of a classroom.

    Oh and heuhueheue fun colors pretty lights

  • Tron



    heuehuehue fun colors pretty lights

  • Deadpool 2

    Deadpool 2


    I decided to watch this because I love to suffer.

  • John Wick: Chapter 4

    John Wick: Chapter 4


    I guess the choreography was cool but I'm more obsessed with all of Bill Skarsgard's suits in this movie

  • Confessions of a Shopaholic

    Confessions of a Shopaholic


    This was cute but also so plainly, almost painfully, from the 00s

  • Sister Act

    Sister Act


    I knew this movie was about Whoopi Goldberg becoming a nun but I never knew and would have never guessed that it was about Whoopi Goldberg becoming a nun as part of the witness protection program.

  • In the Heights

    In the Heights


    It took me three days to finish this 🥴
    It wasn't bad but it was kind of boring to me which I guess is bad for a movie musical that's supposed to be fun and exciting

  • Spirited Away: Live on Stage

    Spirited Away: Live on Stage


    I’m so glad that I finally got to watch this! The set design was impressive and the attention to detail was amazing.

  • Suzume



    An animated toddler chair trying to beat the shit out of a tiny kitten is the funniest fuckin shit I've ever seen. Instant four stars.

  • The Intouchables

    The Intouchables


    I wish I watched this movie when I first heard about it over a decade ago because I probably would've loved it then. There were definitely some moments that made me smile and chuckle quietly to myself on the plane but there were also some bits that dragged on for a bit too long and subplots that I didn't really care about.

  • Smile



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Not the main character being like
    "i've overcome my trauma 😌"
    only for the demon to be like
    "bitch you THOUGHT 🤣"

    Anyway, I might've liked this more if the movie was actually scary and the characters were actually interesting and I didn't spoil every jumpscare for myself and I didn't watch this on a plane and etc etc...

  • Misery



    I wish Kathy Bates would kidnap me and force me to finally finish my fucking story. 

    Anyway, I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to see this movie. I’ve seen bits and pieces of it on tv over the past several years but I haven’t seen all of it until now while on a plane.

    I guess the only way to get me to finish anything is to force me in an enclosed area for a long period of time 🥴