2046 ★★★★★

Chow Mo-wan is a solitary writer who returns to Hong Kong after spending a few years in Singapore. Between restaurants and one night stands, he spends his life writing a work of fiction about a dystopian place and time called 2046. Along the way, he meets women who leave their mark on him, inspire his work and make him reflect on his future. Chow radiates a profound melancholy; like almost all human beings he is predisposed to think that the past is better, that the present is only a transitory stage towards the inevitable decadent future to which we are all heading. He clings to that past which, like 2046, is a familiar place where things do not change, there is no loss, and no one wants to come back from. He seeks comfort in other arms, in other bodies, even though his fragmented memories belong to only one person; in that recapitulation of his life, in those women to whom he surrenders, he is looking for himself. Aware that what he once had is unique and irreplaceable, Chow became a cynical and practical man who does not justify his behavior or apologize, a wanderer who seeks to heal his emotional wounds. A story of love and longing, of unavoidable destinies and bad timing, of indelible scars and loss; 2046 is a beautiful reflection on nostalgia, the nature of love, and the complexity of human beings and our perennial existential crisis.

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