Ugetsu ★★★★

The ambition and arrogance of two men radically change the fate of their families in a period of transition and conflict in Japan. Genjūrō is a farmer who also produces pottery to earn more money; Tōbei, on the other hand, dreams of becoming a samurai. Recklessly, and driven by that great desire to acquire wealth and power, they leave their families behind to follow their futile and selfish dreams. Ugetsu Monogatari combines spirituality, fantastic elements, melodrama and social criticism in a masterful way; another great work of Kenji Mizoguchi who displays all his talent with an impeccable mise in scène. This is a story about the paths we take in search of happiness and the consequences of our actions and decisions on the lives of others; it's a great tragedy about utopian happiness, flagrant guilt and regret.

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