The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★★

I thought this was a spectacular film. It definitely could’ve been better than what it was, which is an incredible compliment to the concept and I guess the film itself.

The acting is superb. I usually hate Netflix films and their awful acting, but I’m thinking of ending things and this in back to back weeks is a statement of intent by Netflix.

It is an incredibly violent film. I guess that’s pretty obvious by the trailer, but for the people who don’t know and don’t really like that stuff....then you have been warned.

So back to the acting. Wow. Not one person is even slightly bad in this film. The more I see Robert Pattinson the more I’m excited for The Batman. Tom Holland was surprisingly good in this. It just shows his versa as an actor. I really liked Bill Skarsgård as well.

The film is quite slow but very entertaining. I don’t think I was ever bored. I was very invested in the story and as things kept getting revealed, the more I sincerely enjoyed this film. But maybe some scenes could’ve been cut.

There are hidden messages in this film. Like how I guess we all have a devil inside us and some can control it better than others. I liked how the majority of the characters were religious, but they all sinned. It’s also about how some people deal with loss. They seek revenge.

Now it could’ve been better. I’m talking 5/5 better. They could’ve maybe snipped about 10 minutes off this film. Some scenes aren’t that interesting and I think we’d be better off without them, as it just adds to the long runtime. Better execution. I thought they rushed some of the intense scenes. It’s a problem because I don’t really feel in the moment as much as I should’ve been. But apart from that this film is truly incredible.

Overall, The Devil All The Time is a film I would rewatch time and time again. It definitely is my cup of tea. Excellent acting, strong messages and scenes that will stay in my head forever. Cheerio!

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