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  • Prey


    Back to basics from top to bottom, with a great lead in Amber Midthunder whom 100% holds her own. Some pretty sweet kills, and an awesome score that feels distinct enough yet feels right at home in the franchise (even if it may not reuse the main theme outright, it's still an insanely good score).
    The French fur trappers getting their shit rocked was a huge highlight. That bear trap kill? *Chefs kiss*
    My one big gripe is that the…

  • Predator 2

    Predator 2

    Trying to recapture the lightning in a bottle energy of the first film is next to impossible. But putting the titular Predator into an urban environment (inspired by the sequel comic no doubt, where it lifts some aspects and ditches the all out war at the end for others) is an ridiculously fun choice. From the jungle fakeout opening, to the slaughterhouse massacre, the ride doesn't stop for a moment. The criminals are bad and both cops and civilians have…

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  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight

    I respect the Hell out of what was done here. Incredible film making. Costumes design was incredible. Dev Patel was incredible being both impetus and sexy and arrogant sometimes all at the same time...and yet you can see that absolute potential of the Sir Gawain he is meant to be. Incredible Vfx at hand, Ralph Ineson as the titular Green Knight is mysterious and terrifying all in one. But quite simply...the film wasn't for me. I can't really explain why,as…

  • Romancing the Stone

    Romancing the Stone


    This was super cute. Didn't know Alan Silversti had this kind of score in him. Douglass's entrance is awesome and I loved Danny Devito as a bumbling henchman who just lucks his way to the end.