Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★½

"Do you even like me?"

This is my 590th entry in this website and I shall cherish the moment as I write this long-ass story about my life that relate to this film.

I was in Catholic school for nine years and my parents couldn't afford to apply to Catholic high school because it was expensive and the public school was free. I don't experience anykind of highschoolers should be ( love, crush, best friends stuff like that ) because as my mother would say; I only study in my school and don't socialize with people in my school. I'm a final year high school student, and I was jealous of Lady Bird's life. She was the person I wanted to be: rebellious, free-kind spirit therefore as I watched the story going: she wasn't confident of herself and 'betrayed' her personality to persue the 'ideal type' of high schooler, and to be honest: I wasn't intrigued because I never experienced that. Thus the aspect of family, I could understand and relate it.

I cried because we both think that our mothers don't like us because we're not the best version they wanted to be and we think that this is our best version: we disrespect, dissatisfied, disappointed by the lives our parents offered to us; it wasn't enough but it was enough for them.

We sometimes connected, but sometimes we couldn't connect at all. It's just an allegory of the never ending cycle of regrets, and appreciation for our lives with our parents as long as they live.

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