Her ★★★★★

From beginning to end this is a perfect film to me, I can't think of a single thing I would change about it. And I really think this is one of the most beautiful films ever made, visually and emotionally and that's not just because I'm in the double digits of rewatches and my eyes are red from crying, just like they are every time. No movie has ever so deeply affected me as this one has. I think people consider the fact that Samantha is a computer a gimmick within the film and that keeps people closed off from the emotions inside it but you really just have to let this movie run its course on you. There are no wasted scenes, there's no throwaway dialogue, there's just pure and honest communication between people and between things that are more than people, inflicting something like love on an artificial consciousness and creating a world where people aren't hiding themselves from the ones they love, and that shouldn't feel as different as it does.

I have shots and themes from this movie tattooed on me for a reason, because I keep coming back to lines and monologues and sentences whose meanings extend really just so far beyond the movie. "Me too, now we know how." There are a terrible many scenes in this that resonate and stick in my head day after day. It makes me think how the way we express our deepest and most personal sadness is so profound and I know I've wished that I could just plug myself into someone else and they'd feel everything that I was feeling and had ever felt, because sometimes words don't exist for that sort of situation. But somehow a few of those situations have been put into words in the latter half of this film, and you repeat them to yourself on the bus or before an interview or when you feel closed off from someone you love more than anything. Other people aren't ever going to fully understand the exact nature of your emotions, but that's okay.

I wish love made sense. I really do. I think we all do and I think that's why movies like this make sense to us.

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