The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★

This film is soooo weird, Oh my goodness! It's just the daily life of two lighthouse keepers that just gets stranger and stranger as they begin to lose their minds locked in with each other. I watched this alone in bed while quarrantined with just one housemate at Uni, which probably made this even weirder. Although the acting is quite solid from both Dafoe and Pattinson, and the cinematography and design choices were all pretty neat, I never got fully engrossed in the movie - because it was so weird. Some of the character decisions just felt unnatural (obviously because they were going mad), I was confused by the passage of time and what was real and what wasn't. If that's your vibe then this will probably be the movie for you. I was just baffled most of the time. Not so much because the movie was way too difficult to follow (I feel the ambiguity in some parts is intended), but because apart from feeling uneasy the film didn't provide much else. I was kind of interested in the limited historic worldbuilding provided by dialogue and backstory from each character, and I'd be interested to know how accurate (or realistic I should say) these characters were for the era. But yeah, apart from being weirded out for 110 minutes, there wasn't too much else to this movie for me. I'd say it was kinda decent, but I don't blame my housemate for not feeling like watching this one.