*Takes about 20 minutes to really get going, I think, probably because (1) for those initial 20 minutes Emma's at peak "baby Catherine de Bourgh" and mostly we just watch her destroy someone else's life, (2) some key bits of information are delivered at blink-and-you'll-miss speed, and (3) Autumn de Wilde's slightly whacky take on the period drama genre means you need a little time to adjust your expectations for how characters will act and how things will look. (In this great piece at Vulture, de Wilde explains that her influences include Bringing Up Baby, Harold and Maude, and Beck.)

*Everything finally clicked together for me with the Christmas dinner scene and Mr. Elton's confession.

*Particularly struck by the acting this time round, particularly Josh O'Connor as Mr. Elton, who carried me through those difficult first 20 minutes. It must have been so much fun to play slightly exaggerated caricatures of period drama types! There's also the excitement of seeing fresh new faces and thinking about all the great films and tv they'll be in in years to come.

*Mr. Knightley has to be the dreamiest of the Jane Austen love interests: kind, empathetic, principled, prefers walking over riding in a carriage, and doesn't have a problem with bucking tradition and moving to Emma's place instead of having her move to his (LOVE Anya Taylor-Joy's face when he tells her this). And, of course, in this version, he has the face--and, most crucially, the voice--of Johnny Flynn.

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