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  • A Safe Place

    A Safe Place


    A captivating fragmented tale of characters disconnected from their present, in particular Tuesday Weld's Susan/Noah.
    It's at times reminscent of Nicholas Roeg's editing style, as well as working in a dreamlike Lynchian way with time and place. On the surface it might be about relationships, in the best sort of early '70's fashion, but at the centre of it all is Tuesday Weld's difficulty in dealing with and connecting to her present that seems in some ways all too relatable.…

  • Rabbits



    An odd, surreal web series from David Lynch, featuring a family of anthropomorphic rabbits living in an apartment. Canned laughter is heard on character entrances (mostly the father), giving the impression of a sitcom in the setting facing the camera like a stage.
    All seemingly set at night, the father occasionally leaves, and then returns, seemingly to talk with someone at the door. At first, the conversations held in the apartment seem nonsensical, enhanced by the laughter on certain lines.…