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  • DAU. Katya Tanya

    DAU. Katya Tanya


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    My least favorite of the films so far and also seemingly the most conventional, both narratively and on a structural level. The blink fade was fine but the dissolves felt cheesy and out of place. Was this also the first occurence of non-diagetic music? Overall it feels shallow and predictable. There's so little time spent getting into the characters, which is surprising and disappointing given the simplicity of the story and the runtime. I'll be curious to see if this is just an introduction of Katya, but I have a feeling it's the first and last we'll see of her.

  • Movie That Invites Pausing

    Movie That Invites Pausing

    Shifting shimmering for broadcasting and stopping.

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  • Emerald


    It's amazing we don't choke given how full of souls the air has become

  • The Mountain

    The Mountain


    When you fool yourself into believing that you're incredibly significant, irreplaceable and necessary, you carry the imagined weight of responsibility just the same as if it were real.

    These men are searching for meaning, looking for something to live up to, believing themselves simultaneously mighty and yet eternally under the boot of a loveless god. So lost in themselves they're unable to see the women around them as fully human.

    These men are stonefaced and fragile, slippery and precise. They're…