GoodFellas ★★★★½

Filling in another blind spot (#CovidLife) and once again very much seeing what all the fuss was about. On a pure entertainment level, one of the best I’ve seen - feels very much like the quintessential gangster movie you’d draw up in your mind. And nearly all the stylistic decisions worked for me - the voice over, the soundtrack, the camera work, the grand acting by Pesci and De Niro - it all fits together in a way that propels you forward and makes the movie feel much shorter than its 2.5 hours. Ray Liotta almost seems to fade into the background at times (would be interesting to see how many actual lines of dialogue he has) but has a bunch of great body language scenes, like his stunned recognition of what his own fate could have been when Spider dies. Having seen few other Scorsese movies other than The Irishman, it was tough not to compare the two, and definitely have a better appreciation for the description of Irishman as the more thoughtful, elegiac of the two. Would have liked to have seen Karen’s actions be as meaningful as her narration but overall she was a strong component of the film. Could absolutely see revisiting this film many times in the future - hard to ask for much more than that from a movie. 

Watched with Irene via Hulu