Groundhog Day ★★★½

Filling in a major comedy blind spot with this one. I'm pretty sure the genesis for this movie was coming up with the time travel schtick, churning out a bunch of bits and then figuring out how to tie them all together in one movie. The movie kills it with the first two - even having known exactly how the movie worked, the recurring/never-ending day still feels fresh and clever. The high point of the movie is absolutely the short sketches. Never been the biggest Bill Murray fan (just can't shake the feeling that he's usually just playing himself), but he does do a good job here as a progressively reforming misanthrope. The central romance is where the movie shows its age - especially with the seemingly "happy ending" where she finally wants to sleep with him. Just a really icky feeling that this is what we as the audience are supposed to be rooting for given how terrible he is the majority of the movie. But putting the sour taste in the mouth from the end of the movie aside, can definitely appreciate the novelty of the concept even 20 years later.

Watched on Netflix with Irene