The Greatest Show on Earth ★★½

Not one of the Academy’s best picks for their top award. Nothing is truly offensive in the vein of Cimarron but just medicore all the way around. Given that the film has only slightly more ambition for its existence than as a painfully long commercial for the Ringling Brothers, probably shouldn’t expect much better. I could imagine a slightly more enjoyable, if still very mundane, film centering around the bloodless love triangle and Jimmy Stewart’s weirdly vague murder history but they add a solid hour of straight circus shots which maybe gave the audience some chuckles back in the day but only serves to prolong the banality here. Nothing else about the film really stands out - Heston is fine but very much playing one note, and the rest of the ensemble is about the same. The score and cinematography are similarly forgettable. Not the worst best picture I’ve seen but in that neighborhood for sure. 

Watched solo via Netflix DVD (Irene already seen)