Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★

Hey, I know that street!
Hey, I know that building!
Hey, I know that restaurant!
Hey, I know that motel!
Hey, I know that bowling alley!
(Continues for two hours)

This is a picture of a Buffalo that no longer exists. When people wore those satin Bills jackets you don’t see anymore. When Buffalonians still commonly spoke with that very particular Midwestern-Northeastern-Canadian accent. When our two professional sports teams were some of the best in their leagues but still couldn’t win a championship. A Buffalo when OJ Simpson was still a legend and Scott Norwood’s wide right in the 1991 Super Bowl was still a recent collective traumatic memory. This is the Buffalo our parents grew up in but we never knew, the one that I can piece together from foggy memories from early childhood but never fully grasp. This is the Buffalo that would be lost to time if nobody had the idea to preserve it in a cheesy, rainy-day B-movie. 

Go Bills.

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