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  • Satantango
  • Mirror
  • November
  • Tale of Tales

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  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

  • Images Disturbed by an Intense Parasite

  • According to My Glass Eye

  • Darling, Do You Love Me?

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  • Images Disturbed by an Intense Parasite

    Images Disturbed by an Intense Parasite

    "I saw for the first time, painted, the subject of this brief drama. The painting, on an extended wooden wall, was from the end of the 12th century and was inspired by the plague which, at that time, raged on the land. The painter is unknown. Therefore I called "painting on wood" my drama, which follows step by step the account narrated by the painter; and this starts around the little windows near the portico, where sun's rays illuminate the landscape still green, and ends 4 metres further, where the last footprints are perfected, immersed in the livid light of a rainy dawn"

  • The Sacrifice

    The Sacrifice


    screened at TAGV in Coimbra, Portugal

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  • Midsommar



    I watched Midsommar in the theaters yesterday when it was first screened where I live and I must say that the hype I had for a new Ari Aster film ended up being a little underwhelmed by what this actually was, I still enjoyed it a lot but in a whole different way from what I was expecting.

    Folk horror is quite of a difficult genre to craft in cinema usually falling under historic and cultural inaccuracies and sometimes not…

  • Après le feu

    Après le feu

    7 minute train ride into morphing and glitching landscapes ending in a melted pixel pattern, so I guess if you ever wondered how driving while peaking feels like this should be it

    Can't really rate it but I enjoyed watching it.