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  • Burning



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Note: I did my best to keep this review as structured as possible, but there were so many more thoughts racing through my head than I expected when I began to type this a few hours ago. This review started as a 9/10, but the more I typed the more certain I was that Burning is a flat out masterpiece. This review is easily my longest and fresh off a first viewing, so proceed with caution and I hope you enjoy!…

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  • Humanité



    Can’t tell if there’s too much going on or absolutely nothing at all in Humanité. I was never bored, but there’s only so many times Emmanuel Schotte could puppy dog eye his way through scenes of transcendent detachment before I detach entirely. Not a good mystery, but a lobotomized character study that never advances much in all of its two plus hours. Feel kinda the same way how I felt watching La Cienaga in that I appreciate the craft yet can’t really fathom how to enjoy it.

  • The Big Shave

    The Big Shave

    Damn Marty chill

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  • The Souvenir

    The Souvenir


    The cinematic equivalent of eating nothing but saltine crackers for dinner with no water to drink. And it lasts 2 hours. And there’s this bit of dried cracker stuck to the roof of your mouth and you’re doing everything in your power to lick it off and swallow but your tongue is so dry it’s actually being used as a vehicle to somehow make the cracker even more dry and more stuck to the top of your mouth. And that also lasts two hours.

  • Monos



    2019 Sundance Film Fest Film #4: 

    And to think just I was starting to get burnt out from this whole “Sundance while I work part time and go to school full time” thing, Monos comes out of nowhere to be something bigger than a simple “must see at Sundance” title. Monos feels like a fucking miracle, an achievement in capturing a true to life nightmare scenario through the lens of a fairy tale world. Monos seems like it could take place…