Malignant ★★★


Cheap, gory, ugly, loud, entertaining, unfunny, rousing, confusing, stupid; innovative. And truly harrowing in its concept and some scenes in the final act, strangely reawakening in me a primal fear once triggered by a well-known children's film.
It's damn hard for me to grasp this film, let alone describe it. It's trashy in the best way and cheesy in the worst. The jokes don't crack, the characters are exhausting. The film has one of the coolest killers I've seen in a film in a long time.
The murder weapon is beautiful, equal to the poster that drove me into the film along with Wan's name.
The film has huge balls and is crazy as shit to a degree that it touches my soul to see something like this in a mainstream horror film. My new favourite giallo slasher haunted house horror comedy action splatter, hands down.
First film I chose to watch with my new twenty year old flatmate who is just venturing her way into the more offbeat realms of horror film away from The Ring and The Conjuring. I think we'll push the Cronenbergs to the back for now to give her some time to process.

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