Closeness ★★★★★

An astonishing film of rich textures, raw yet beautiful images, colors. It is set among the members of a tribe in Russia in 1998. It is a thoughtful exploration of religious frictions, meaningless violence, and being a woman in such a society. Kidnapping is a daily occurrence, devastation and poverty are everywhere, women are always silent. The film has an unforgettable heroine, who is asked to marry a guy so that her family can get the ransom money for her brother, she refuses, she is denied a voice yet she dares to speak. It is a remarkable film with urgency, a vivid sense of time and place, and moments of unexpected poetry found in the midst of violence and injustice. The news and videos characters watch on TV, and the nightclub scene are utterly stunning. It was inexplicably denied a competition slot, but this is the best film of Cannes 2017.