Brexit: The Uncivil War ★★

A thuddingly obvious film about recent history that doesn't bother trying to grapple with the moral implications of what it's depicting until the very end. By the time both sides sit down in a pub and talk about how they've unleashed something they will no longer be able to control, it's too little too late.

It's going to take a generation or more to unpack the fact that the Leave campaign and the Trump campaign (plus Russia?) saw what was happening with online data before the other side. This film could serve as a cautionary tale about how we need to step it up or be left behind, but it's not really interested in being that until the very end.

Really inappropriate to cast Benedict Cumberbatch as yet another ~lovable weirdo who's smarter than everyone but can't relate emotionally.~ Especially if this guy is supposed to be the villain of the thing. Which he should be. Because fuck that whole situation.

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