Favorite films

  • A Ghost Story
  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • The Thing
  • Inside Llewyn Davis

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  • Pretend That You Love Me

  • Spider-Man: Power and Responsibility

  • Wrath of Man


  • Love in the Time of Corona


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  • Pretend That You Love Me

    Pretend That You Love Me

    I feel like it'd be wrong for me to give this an exact "star rating". I think for art like this, where an artist opens themselves up completely and lets themselves be this vulnerable; I feel like all I should do is just appreciate it.

    Joel, I love your content man. Keep up the good work you generous genius. Things get better man, you're doing alright.

  • Spider-Man: Power and Responsibility

    Spider-Man: Power and Responsibility

    I've seen this movie already cuz I'm the one making it.
    Hopefully you guys like it haha.

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