The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★

Expect the madness, expect the unexpected.
With this simple but bothering premise The Lighthouse it's become, without any doubt, the best 2019 psychological drama. This is, in a great measure, thanks to the amazing cast. Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe are just great. They portray their characters in such a way that makes you feel nothing but respect for their work. Another great thing about the movie is its cinematographic language. The squared screen, the black and white, pretty much everything seems to be the right choice. Nothing to say about its technical aspects, besides praises for the director.

But not everything it's flawless, especially when it comes to one aspect critics have been saying is the film forte: originality. Besides the photography —the vintage aspect of the film and its ratio (which makes you feel you are trapped in that little island), which are great choices for the storytelling— the film has a great lack of originality on its plot. The characters? We've seen these type of characters before. The place? Just search “The Lighthouse” on LetterBoxd and you'll find tons of films set in similar places; not even to mention that a vast majority of psychological dramas and horror films take place in the middle of nowhere, just as in The Lighthouse. What about the fantastic aspect? That's nothing we haven't seen before, and you'll easily notice what's really going on.

This doesn't mean The Lighthouse is a bad film. Actually, it's far from being that. It'll certainly make you feel very uncomfortable while it provides you with a free photographic lesson. But once again, just to make you aware, it's probably not the original film critics are trying to sell you.

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