Luxo Jr. ★★★½

PixarPalooza continues!

Pixar's second short was this little gem, "Luxo, Jr". It was so well received that they did a few sequels for Sesame Street (which we won't be covering here). It was the first CG piece nominated for an Oscar.

This time around, we've got two desk lamps, a father and a son. They play with a ball until the son jumps on it a flattens it. [This is used in their current opening logo, where the lamp jumps on the letter 'I' in Pixar.] The father is sad, until the boy rolls in with a new, larger beach ball.

Here's where character animation comes into play. Pixar makes the lamps, Per and fils, really seem alive. Nice subtle touches like the movements of the power cords make everything more believable. Emotion is portrayed in broad strokes, but is still there and evident.

Once again, shiny objects musta been easier to animate, and we would have to wait ten years before they cracked that code (ha).

An important film and a big leap forward for our gang.